Expert Analysis

Company visits

China’s industry has developed rapidly in the recent years, producing thousands of successful factories with the most advanced technologies and practices.

RBA has a proven track record of organizing exclusive visits for our partners, with some of the largest companies in China.

We use our localized experience, knowledge and network to ensure your visit is not just an outsider looking in, but a true business experience. RBA focuses on providing partners with an exchange of relevant information and establishing business connections.

If you are interested in best industrial, operational and management practices with leading enterprises in China, please email us at and we will promptly reply.


Russian Business Association (China) brings together dozens of successful Russian managers, most of whom have lived and worked in China for more than 10 years. Being a part of RBA gives one the opportunity to exchange industry specific experiences and get an idea of how different industries work in China, by participating in consulting projects with our partners.

Below is a selection of areas, in which RBA members have successful consulting experience:

  • Purchasing

    • Price negotiations with suppliers
    • Development of cost sheets
    • Development of suppliers’ evaluation forms
    • Ensuring of commercial terms
    • Supply chain financing
  • Operations Management

    • Quality Control Policy development
    • Product technical specifications development
    • Product acceptance tests reports development
    • Cost reduction
    • Total cost of ownership reduction
    • Operational efficiency improvement
  • Sales

    • Russian food products' distribution in China
    • Certification of food products according to Chinese regulations
    • 3 PL Provider systems management
    • E-commerce distribution
  • Supply chain management and customs services

    • Warehouse logistics
    • Transport logistics
    • Sea freight services
    • Railway freight services
    • Customs service
  • HR

    • Personnel search and recruitment
    • Personnel documentation consulting
    • Personnel allowance and compensation policy development
  • Chinese Representative Office Setup

    • Selection of form and structure
    • Office costs optimization
    • Staffing table preparation
    • Business processes modeling
    • Personnel job descriptions development
    • Management and accounting
  • Other services:

    • Legal advisory on management
    • Finance consulting
    • Public Relations consulting

Industry expertise

RBA members work in varied range of industries.

Below is a selection in which RBA members can provide expert consultation:

  • Metallurgy
  • Industrial equipment
  • Chemical
  • Electric engineering
  • Light engineering
  • Tools
  • Furniture
  • Industrial and household air-conditioning systems
  • Transportation and warehouse logistics, sea and railway services
  • Light industry
  • Footwear
  • Food
  • Toys and goods for children
  • E-commerce
  • Banking
  • Education

If you are interested in best industrial, operational and managerial practices of leading Chinese enterprises, please contact us by email