Our Values

  1. We believe that the purpose of business is to contribute to people’s well-being and make the world a better place to live in.
  2. We hold that mutual help and information sharing among business partners creates more opportunities for each party. Moreover, that mutually beneficial cooperation is not just possible but indeed essential.
  3. We respect a positive, proactive business attitude and always side with the solution, not the problem.
  4. We act, react and perceive our mistakes and misfortunes as an inevitable crucial stage on our way to success.
  5. We trust in never-ending self-improvement, lifelong learning process and supremacy of knowledge. We seek to constantly raise our professionalism and intelligence and appreciate these qualities in others.

Mission Statement

The mission of Russian Business Association (China) is to contribute to the development of existing business relations and the creation of the new ones, to promote mutual development and protect mutual interests, and to overcome both geographical and cultural barriers.

Our vision

  • Business

    • We are the representatives of active businesses

      We represent a live business community in China. This allows us to relate business theories on China to real life activities in order to take a lead.

    • We reflect the interests of a the private business sector

      The majority of us are owners and top-managers of the private companies. We pursue purely business goal, we express the viewpoint of small, medium and large size businesses and build relationships based on free and mutually beneficial partnerships.

    • Business is what we do every day

      We focus on managing our businesses and believe that private enterprises and trading makes the world a better place. We concentrate on business and economical matters, while placing no priority on political and historical matters.

  • Experience

    • We accumulate business experience inside and outside China

      Many of us have been business managers in China for more than 15 years. We gather and share efficient and effective business experience in order to succeed together.

    • We share only what we consider important

      We love clarity and specifics, we respect high-quality expertise and analytics, appreciate a business-wise mindset and focus. We strive to accumulate the most valuable knowledge of business in China and share only the most important of it, leaving the excesses aside.

    • We learn from mistakes, our own ones and the mistakes of others

      We love our mistakes and misfortunes because they teach us how to do it right. We learn from others’ mistakes and not to repeat our own. But we also believe that a mistake is a necessary component of business.

  • Success

    • We know what success tastes like

      We have all come a long way to gain success and independence. So we know what it takes to get there. This is why we value everyone’s aspirations and are willing to give a helping hand to our partners and friends.

    • We share success with others

      We believe that success is impossible without cooperation and that the efforts of many are behind the success of one. That is why we are so eager to work together in order to achieve collective success.

    • We help to transform experience into success

      We always seek to have our deeds support our words. We believe that experience and the desire to share knowledge are the basis for success, as well as will, determination and motivation, pushing people to arm themselves with experience and to transform words and knowledge into the real achievements.